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Micro needle care, are you really using it?

Date: 2019-09-21 15:14:50 Source:Nanjing Vesta New Tech Materials

With the strengthening of personal care concepts, more and more girls have begun to pay attention to some personal skin care equipment. From the input price and ease of operation, many people choose micro-needle. I remember when the micro-needle products were popular, there were sisters who bought whitening or anti-aging products for micro-needle treatment. When they told them that they did not need auxiliary micro-needle treatment, they didn't believe it, and then when the skin went wrong. Time to come back for help. Many people choose micro-acupuncture because of the benefits that are often advertised: they can enhance the penetration of skin care ingredients into the skin, and double the effect of care. Is this really the case? The microneedles are available in both manual and electric. 1. There are more than 200 micro-needles on the manual roller, and there is a handle. When the face is rolling, only a little force is applied. When the roller rolls over, hundreds of tiny needle-punching holes will be left. 2. The electric needle is covered with micro needles on the round head. When it is energized, it is similar to stamping. The electric micro needle will pierce and then exit the skin. It is similar to a tattoo machine, but there is no ink for tattooing. Microneedle care usually has three uses: the first is to break down the excess collagen that causes certain types of scars and improve scarring, such as acne scars and stretch marks and obesity lines. The second is to improve wrinkles and stimulate collagen synthesis through skin wounds. The third is to help double the absorption of skin care ingredients. It is worth noting that the latter two statements are not supported by research reports, and there are more commercial propaganda components. Let me talk about the principle of microneedle care? Simply put, the way to pierce the skin tissue, destroy the tissue structure of the dermis, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, and rearrange the cells of the skin tissue. So the earliest microneedles are used to treat scars.  Why does the skin that produces scars look rough and uneven? There are at least 16 collagens in the human body, of which type I and type III are the most in the skin. When the levels of their two collagens are balanced, the skin will be healthy and smooth and look young. When wound healing and scar tissue formation, the relative content of type I and type III collagen changes, when the skin is injured, the type I collagen content increases, and the type III collagen content decreases, which causes the initial bump of skin healing. Not flat. Fortunately, the skin has a self-healing ability. It will produce type III collagen to repair itself during the healing process. This is the reason why the scar will gradually become less bumpy in the later stage of the scar, but the process is very slow. However, with the relationship between age and physical fitness, the skin's ability to heal itself in the later stage is strong, and the ability to produce type III collagen is low, and some people use it too frequently in order to pursue the effect of care. The needle, the skin continues to be repeatedly damaged, resulting in an imbalance of the two collagen contents, a large increase in the type I collagen content, the result is that the skin looks rough and unhealthy. Microneedle therapy is useful in some situations, especially to improve scarring, such as acne scars on some younger skin, and the use of microneedles for sebum repair products will improve. But there is not enough research to prove that it can be used as a daily anti-aging skin care tool. After all, by first damaging the skin to stimulate the production of collagen, there will actually be more skin problems. It is also impractical to get the most penetrating power of the ingredients of the skin care products. Many ingredients, including antioxidants and substances with the same skin structure, must be left on the skin surface to be effective.

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